Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Battle of Icosium

Today we got together for another Field of Glory game in our 15mm Second Punic War campaign. This one is the battle of Icosium. Below left you can see Charlie (Hannibal) pointing out the strategic situation to the players there. Two rows down on the right you can see Bob (gray shirt) and Ralph the other Roman players. Mike (below left with Charlie) sat in as a Carthaginian general today and just after we started Phil (not photographed) showed up to command the Gauls and Spanish scutari. 

The Romans took some early losses to some local Numidian skirmishers and a unit of Numidian elephants. After that Ralph and Bob plugged the holes and with the loss of one average legion were able to send a unit of Hannibal's veteran spear and a unit of Campagnian hoplites running. I the center some very lucky shooting by my Velites and some Numidian skirmishers sent the Scutari heading for home. As the game wore on Hannibal decided to yield the field to the Romans. Good game, good fun.

We also spent some time after the game discussing the upcoming 28mm first Punic War campaign which it looks like might use Ralph's new home brew ancients rules.They're fast play and fun and a campaign with them should give us a bunch of fun games.


DeanM said...

Looks like a great game. Best, Dean

Phil said...

Looking nice!