Friday, July 12, 2013

Cretan Archers (2) and Elephant Escorts

Just before leaving for my vacation I had a couple of days at the painting table. I didn't want to start a large project and have it sit half finished during my trip, so I worked on these two small projects.

The first project is two additional stands of Cretan Archers to extend my previous unit of Cretan Archers from six (6) to eight (8) bases - a full Field of Glory unit. I wanted to complete the unit and my uncle had these extra figures in his dead lead box. He offered them to me to help me out. I thought the best way to say 'thank you' for the figures was to get them painted up. Above you will see them deployed as a single Hanibal at the Gates (HATG) unit which is two WRG bases front-to-back. Eventually I will make up some sabot bases for use when using these figures with HATG.

The second small project was some escorts for my Carthaginian elephants. I'm planning on putting one skirmisher figure on each Elephant base to represent the light troops that would protect the elephants from enemy skirmishers. I've temporarily affixed these to a base with putty for photographic purposes. I've painted up two Numidian skirmishers and four Spanish skirmishers. These will eventually re-appear here on completed elephant units. 

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Ian said...

I like the addition of a escort to Elephant bases, makes them look more complete.

The Cretan's are nice too