Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fort Ticonderoga

My wife Lori and I are vacationing in lovely Lake George, New York in our RV this week. The first historic side trip is to the Fort Ticonderoga historic park. The park is privately owned, originally founded by the Pell family (of Pell grant fame). The fortress has been rebuilt on the original ruins as after the fort was abandoned after the hostilities of the American Revolution ceased locals robbed it's walls for the quarried stone to build local dwellings and structures. The restoration is wonderful and your modern day entrance fees include demonstrations by hired staff in AWI uniform manning some active encampments, a color guard and fife and drum band at noon and a host of excellent museum staff. Although this isn't a state or federal park, it maintains all the quality, and in some ways more, than either.

The fort is located such that an overall photo isn't possible from the grounds. I'm including my photos from the day including, of personal interest, some wargaming figures donated to the collection, and several items from their arms collection. 


Ray Rousell said...

Looks amazing!!!!! One day perhaps????

AdamC1776 said...

Its a great site I got to do a F&I event in the shadow of its walls once and it was awesome.

The Kiwi said...

Very interesting. A great spot to visit by the looks.