Monday, July 29, 2013

Protector of the Realm

Last Friday evening I hosted a game of "Protector of the Realm" at our club's game night. The game is a War of the Roses mini campaign for DBA with some slight modifications to DBA itself to give the game a more accurate WOTR feel. I picked up the campaign rules from the author about 15 years ago ago at Historicon. This was before most people had websites and very soon after he disappeared. Still the rules are very fun. The theme of the game night was in honor for one of our club members who recently passed away and was titled: "Games Leo would love". Leo and I co-hosted this game annually for years and based on how much fun the players had last Friday, I'm hoping Leo smiled down upon us and enjoyed the show.

The game started off with Paul (yellow shirt) as King Henry. Paul racked up a goodly sized lead when he was deposed by Ralph for a long and prosperous (slightly more for Ralph than the other players) reign. At the end Greg (standing above) mounted a bid to de-throne Ralph, but it was unsuccessful and in the end Ralph was victorious. In truth, everyone won as the game was great fun for all.

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Carlo said...

This looks interesting AJ - might need to get a copy somehow. cheers