Monday, July 1, 2013

Hannibal at the Gates Play Test (2)

Last Saturday a few of us got together to play an ancients game with my Uncle Ralph's new homebrew rules which are titled 'Hannibal at the Gates'. The rules are meant for primarily the 2nd Punic Wars, but will probably work well for other ancients periods as well. The game was a hypothetical scenario pitting a Carthaginian army in northern Italy after recently crossing the Alps against a hastily gathered Roman army. Each army drew heavily from the local Gaul population. 
Below are two photos from early in the game including photos of the Carthaginian players. The left photo shows Byron (looking down) and Charlie. The right photo Charlie and Ralph, the rules author.

The photos below are later in the game and collectively show a panorama of the battlefield. The outcome of this game was never in doubt. The Carthaginians were able to crush both wings of the Roman army while the Carthaginian center held thanks to a stout defense at the river edge.


DeanM said...

Fabulous looking terrain and figures! Best, Dean

BigLee said...

Great photo's.