Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wing Scale VB&G Napoleonics (2)

Last night a few of us went over to my friend Ed's house to play test his game for our upcoming club game night. The game is a post Leipzig 1813 scenario designed for playing with his home-modified version of the Volley & Bayonet Road to Glory rule set. Ed's modifications are an evolution of an effort he and my friend Mark D. have been collaborating on for a while. The scenario was well thought out and Ed's modifications seem fun and easily understood.

As for the game, I played well, but so did my opponent George (in the Hawaiian shirt). Sometimes the dice gods smile upon us, sometimes they smile upon our opponents. Last night was one of the latter for sure. With equal skill applied you'd expect a close run affair, but George took me to the woodshed for an old fashioned whooping. In the end my entire command was shattered and for the most part destroyed as well. George had some exhausted units but he still had a full regiment of Prussians willing and able to capitalize on the giant hole he'd made in my side the French rear guard.

At the bottom of the article is another attempt at a panoramic view of the table in video form from YouTube.


John Lambshead said...

Napoleon in an Hawaiin shirt just don't seem right somehow. Love your playing area. I just new you were a yank by the space available,


PS My last student was American and she got her first postdoc at New Hampshire.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

It's a friend's loft area over his garage - very posh space.

Ed M said...

Actually, that would be Blucher in a Hawaiian shirt, not sure if that's any less incongrous ;)

Lucked out on the playing area. It's also popular with my nieces, who could only be coaxed out of the "man cave" when they visited recently by meals and ice cream (sort of like me, really,except you might add beer to the list of bait).


Ed M