Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Conquest of Italy Campaign - Board Game Session

Last Wednesday evening, the generals in our Conquest of Italy First Punic War campaign got together to continue our campaign moves on the board game that we are using as our campaign system. The evening started out with Syracuse retreating after the battle of Lillybaeum with only minor loses of 20% of their army. Syracuse offered a truce to Carthage with the stipulation that they keep already captured Carthaginian territory. Carthage refused the offer.

As the following year began many alliances were broken and a few were created. Rome broke their peace with Syracuse and attacked their city just south of Cannae. The Carthaginian siege in Tarentum was relieved by an army lead by the recently arrived Phyrrus of Epirus and his new pikemen. Phyrrus eventually marched his forces all the way to Lillybaeum and continued the harsh Greek aggression against the Carthaginians. The second battle of Lillybaeum will be our next tabletop battle.

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