Sunday, January 18, 2015

Macedonians vs. Persians - Hanibal at the Gates

Yesterday Charlie, Bob and I visited my uncle Ralph to play some Hanibal at the Gates ancients. The game was Persia vs an Alexandrian Macedonian army. The Macedonians were fresh off the painting table, beautiful and Ralph was interested in play testing the pike for his rules.

I took the right half of the Persian army which contained a Greek mercenary phalanx wing and a Persian infantry wing. Bob had two Persian infantry wings, but one of them was the royal guard - a higher quality of troops in it. Opposite me was Charlie, who commanded a Macedonain pike wing, a heavy cavalry division and the infantry elements of Alexandar's royal guard. Ralph faced Bob with his own Macedonian pike wing, a cavalry and the companion cavalry.

This was a hard fought game. The Pike and Greek spear units seemed well matched against each other. Charlie having an additional unit of heavies won the battle on our side. On Bob's side the companions proved too tough for the lightly armored Persian cavalry and they carried that side. Victory for Alexander. I heard he was pretty good....

It was a fun day and the Pike seemed to work well. They have more figures than Greek style spear phalanx but lighter armor so play similarly. Next up for HATG a Macedonian army vs a Roman army, also to check for play balance. For me next up is a play test of my ACW Electronic Brigadier scenario for the Northern Conspiracy's upcoming January game night. I'm going to be running Monmouth, which includes some British dragoons. This will be the first Electronic Brigadier game with cavalry, so I want to make sure everything works properly before I bring the game to the club.

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