Sunday, January 25, 2015

Monmouth Courthouse Game at The Northern Conspiracy

Last Friday our club got together for our January game night. I hosted an Electronic Brigadier game of the Battle of Monmouth Courthouse. These excellent photos were taken by my uncle as I was too busy hosting the game to get any good photos myself. 

This is a large scenario and I had several players who were new to the rules. While they all learned quickly we ran out of time before the battle came to a full conclusion. There were several charges, a few units wavering from casualties, but all in all both armies still had a lot of fight left in them. Per the scenario the British rear guard, holding even or slightly ahead in casualties and army cohesion, earned a minor victory, holding the field and protecting their line of march.

I'll probably be making some adjustments to the scenario and game system to further speed play in order to bring larger games like this to a conclusion in 3-4 hours.


Adler Hobby & Board Game Cafe said...

Fun game AND had fun getting to meet Matt ? Chris's guest!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Yes Matt was Chris' guest. I hope he comes again.