Monday, January 19, 2015

Monmouth Courthouse Play Test

Last Monday was the Martin Luther King holiday. Many of my friends had the day off as did I, so I asked for their help play testing my Monmouth Courthouse game that I was planning on hosting the following Friday at our club's monthly game day.

Monmouth is a rather large battle when each unit is a regiment or battalion. As such my scenario is a slightly reduced order of battle which leaves about two brigades from each army off the table. With the time available, our set up and discussion, it became clear that I would have to alter the deployment of troops for game night in order to expedite play. We also found a few errors in my unit labels and I received some additional feedback on the scenario and rules.

I'd like to thank below the British, left to right Byron, Phil and Rob, and the Americans, left to right, Kevin, Ed and Ralph.

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