Monday, January 19, 2015

The Battle of Lillybaeum - Conquest of Italy Campaign

Two weekends ago I hosted the Battle of Lillybaeum at my house. This was the second battle in the conquest of Italy campaign that my friend Mike is running. The battle was a Carthaginian defense of Lillybaeum against an invading Syracusian army. On the Carthaginian side (left in the movie) are forward to back, Ralph, Me, Rob and Bob. On the Syracusian side forward to back are Charlie, Greg, Ed, Phil and spectating in the back was Don. 

This was a fun game with the Carthaginian army having higher numbers, but lower quality units. Syracuse actually out-numbered Carthage 9 army points to 8. The battle resulted in a Carthaginian victory, thanks to excellent play by the Carthaginian 2nd in command, Rob, and good play across the board. All of the Syracusian players played very well too.

This video was the first one made by Mike and it's actually quite enjoyable to watch. It gives a great feeling for what our games are like. It includes each side's strategic meetings before the battle and plenty of in game banter.

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