Monday, March 9, 2015

Conquest of Italy Campaign - Board Game Session

Sunday we got together to advance our First Punic War / Conquest of Italy campaign at the board game table. It was time to pay the piper for Rob and I after our recent loss at the battle of Panormous. Our losses were moderate - 40% of our army. Greece lost 20% of their forces in the win. It looked very grim, but the next battle was too lopsided for the tabletop and in a stroke of great luck, Carthage prevailed in the board game's battle resolution roll with a great dice roll. This kept Greece at bay, at least for the time being.

Elsewhere Rome incited a revolt in an unprotected Greek city. When Greece sent an army to squelch the uprising, the tiny Roman army there also beat back the Greeks. Closer to Rome, the Greeks marched to relieve a city from the Roman siege there but Carthaginian treachery turned the army back on the march.

East of Rome, the Romans also rushed to the aid of one of their Cities which was under siege by the Samnites. The resulting battle will be our next tabletop game.

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