Sunday, March 22, 2015

Roman Legion - WIP

Last week my wife had the entire week off for a 'staycation' - i.e. a vacation at home. I wasn't able to get the whole week off due to work deadlines, but I was able to take part of the week off. I spent a day catching up on home improvement chores and a day preparing for family to visit for an early Easter dinner. That left one day to paint. This is the remainder of the infantry for my red legion. On the right the principes, which were in process before my day of painting. On the left the hastati, which were painted entirely during my vacation day. In the front figures for a command stand that were painted with the principes.

I gloss my figures before using the Army Painter figure quick shade on them. I feel it helps the quick shade flow better. After shading I spray the figures with Testors Dullcote to give them their final matte finish. I have to let the gloss dry for several days to a week to prevent the army painter quick shade from dissolving it. I've found if I rush this step the figures get a very undesirable hazing or crazing of the finish. In about a week I'll post a final finished figures post for these units with hopefully better photos.