Monday, March 30, 2015

First Legion Hastati and Principes

This is two units of hastati, two units of principes and a legion command stand. I finished painting these a while ago and posted a WIP shot to this blog about them. The figures are exclusively Old Glory and they are based for my uncle's rules, Marathon to Marius. These go with the red shielded Triarii and Velites that I completed and posted earlier to complete the infantry portion of my first legion. Once I have two full legions worth of infantry painted up I'll paint up the cavalry to finish both of them off.

All of these figures were finished using the Future dip method that I tested on my Vorenus and Pullo sample figures. The final recipe that I settled on was a bit darker than the test figures. all in all I like the effect just as much as the Army Painter Quick Shade and it's cheaper, and doesn't cause enamel metallic paints to bleed and run.

 This is a shot of the entire red legion infantry. The legion includes a single stand of Triarii, two Principes, two Hastati, two velites and a command stand.
A photo of my back yard to explain the high contrast white background. Yes on March 29th we still have plenty of snow on the ground. In fact it snowed all day Saturday, although not much of it accumulated. Old man winter is a bit tenacious this year and refuses to accept that his time is over.


adeptgamer said...

Such excellent model work. Very nice, beautiful, and it would be great to field!

FriendlyFire said...

Excellent work on those Romans, the officer really stands out for me.

And as for the snow, we still have a good foot and a half here in Ottawa, last year we still had a few splotches in may!


DeanM said...

Very nice looking Rep. Romans, Allan.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

You're all very kind, thanks.

Mad Padre said...

They look fine. The red is very crisp and the command stand is first rate. Lovely troops.
Don't despair, spring is coming. We have a little snow on the ground here in SW Ontario but it's melting fast.