Friday, March 6, 2015

Ancients Re-Basing (3)

Next up in my ancients re-basing project are most of my foot skirmishers. In total 15 units in Hannibal at the Gates, formed from three Field of Glory battle groups. 
 These four units were made by re-basing my Balearic slingers originally painted in March, 2013.
 These Cretan archers were also originally painted in March, 2013.
These six units are a portion of the Numidian skirmishers that I painted in May, 2013. I haven't decided what I will be doing with the balance of those figures yet. They may also get re-based, or may get sold off.


DeanM said...

Ah, re-basing, the bane of the wargamer. I've done enough of that too. BTW, the bases look like 50mm squares? I have a lot of my figures based 3-figs per 40mm squares for a modified/simplified version of Hail Caesar.

Ian said...

Based in March two years ago and rebased? That's got to be a record :-)


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Good guess Dean. They're 60mm squares. With the rear label the figure area is closer to 60mm X 50mm.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Your new basing looks very pleasing to me.