Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ancients Re-Basing (2)

This is the second batch of figures for my recently started re-basing project. The hopes is for me to get all of my 28mm figures re-based for our local home brew rules, Hanibal at the gates. This is the start of work on my Carthaginian army. The photos below include all of the stands re-based in this batch, including twelve newly painted figures to make the old units fit the new basing scheme. Every unit has at least one new figure, most have at least two and some three. I'm fairly happy that looking at the units you cannot spot any of the new figures. This was particularly tricky since some units used a black wash and some used a dark brown wash. As shown below, I've continued to put magnetic label holders on the rear portion of each stand.

This is a close up of my re-based second Scutarii unit.

Hmmm. Time to fire the photographer. Somehow I intermixed the stands of the red shield veteran spear unit and the white shield veteran spear unit in the photos below.

Carthaginian citizen hoplite unit.
My first Spanish scutarii unit. I was happy that I was able to organize both of the scutarii units into cohorts with similar colored helmet plumes. This helps tie each stand's figures together into a more cohesive looking unit.


DeanM said...

Madness, I tell you! :) Just kidding, but re-basing for rules seems to be going on all over - including the local community here in the Pacific NW. I've been using acrylic caulking to base most of my stuff lately. It's strong enough to keep the figures on the bases, yet can be removed if needed easier than if glued with superglue.

Prufrock said...

They look great. Can be a big step to rebase, but worth it when the results are as good as this.