Monday, September 13, 2010

Early War Escalation League

Sunday afternoon we had our first gathering for Adler Hobby's early war Flames of War escalation league. Four of the players showed up and we played our first games. Two players brought 600 point forces painted and ready to go, one brought a French armor company and I brought my pioneers which I posted in a previous post. Another player brought a partially completed German light armor company, with enough tanks painted and primed to play. the fourth player used one of the store's forces to get a feel for the rules.  In this photo on the far table you can see French light armor facing off against a force of German Panzer II and III tanks. In the foreground was my table where my pioneers tried to hold off an onslaught of German light armor in a 'training mission' game.

Here's a photo of my right flank in my game. My three lowly PanzerJagers supported by my command Panzerbefehlswagen unwisely try to take on a force of five Panzer IIs, a Panzer I and two Panzerbefehlswagen command tanks. While they held out surprisingly well, and took out four of the Panzer IIs before being destroyed themselves, eventually they were overwhelmed by the larger opposing force. On my other flank, not shown, was a force of three Panzer IIs, one Panzer I and one Panzerbefehlswagen which made short work of my AA half tracks picking them off from behind my infantry's dug in position. Pretty much anything that was in sight of enemy armor was dead, even from just moving MG fire. Pretty telling. Once the PanzerJagers and AA were destroyed I failed company morale and the game was over. Next up will be me painting up something for my 600 point force that can handle hordes of light tanks, since I'll be seeing more of them with at least 2 players playing light armor, and one playing mechanized British infantry presumably in Bren carriers and eventually probably some Matilda support.

Here's a photo later in the French/German game where the tanks are slugging it out to the finish. You would think with low armor factors armor vs. armor battles would be quick affairs, but surprisingly with the also low AT factors these types of fights tend to be drawn-out slug fests. Should make for some fun games. While your tanks are holding the line, other assets can move up to support or flank.

We all agreed that this was a great time for everyone who showed up. Gordon from Alder Hobby is a good host and his facility, with its well terrained tables is an enjoyable place to spend an afternoon gaming. You'll note this first session was on a Sunday due to prior scheduling commitments at Alder Hobby. All following sessions will be held every other Saturday starting at 1pm and lasting until the last soldier is killed. Hope to see you there!

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G-dog said...

Im glad you like the place we are small but big on content. ; ) thats mostly due to a good group of players that come in and folks seems to laugh at my bad humour.