Sunday, September 26, 2010

FOW Objective Marker (2)

This is my second objective marker, a destroyed Panzer III tank. To be able to compare techniques, I painted this one using my normal technique for armor which is a base coat of the primary color, a black wash to bring out the panel lines then a dry brush to bring out the raised detail followed finally by detail painting. Additionally on this objective I had to do a base color brushed onto the base followed by dry brushing the terrain and then detail painting all of the ground clutter (wheels, helmets, guns, etc.). I painted this as a burned-out hulk that has had mud dragged up onto it by scavengers/attackers. The tracks and wheels have a good heavy coating of Citadel Devlin Mud wash on them. All in all this objective took me about twice as long as the one I did yesterday. As you can see in the photo below of both side-by-side, the extra work may not be worth it as both look equally good.

Having finished these two objectives, I am going back to continuing on my artillery and AA gun batteries. This short diversion was done while waiting for the basing to dry on those. Look for another post with the finished guns soon.

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