Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leichte Pionierkompanie HQ

This is a small update, but still another step forward in my early war Flames of War German Light Pioneer company. This is the company HQ stands (two command stands) and their transport, two motorcycles with sidecars. I had three motorcycles in the package so I painted them all up. I'll use the third as transportation for one of my platoon squad commanders.

In addition to these finished stands I also have completed painting up the drivers and crew figures for all of my 'Panzer Pops' vehicles. Completing this has allowed me to continue on that project. In that effort I have also added a full detail wash to all of those vehicles to accent the panel lines and other details. Once that has dried for a full 24 hours I'll continue my working on them with dry-brushing, detail painting (tracks, tires, tools, etc.) and decal application. Hopefully one or two more sessions on the painting table will provide me not only with transportation for my company, but a couple of platoons of support assets.

Below are two more photos showing detailed views of the motorcycles and sidecars. I've based them to look like they're traveling down country lanes and farm cart paths which I think would be the preferred cross-country method of travel for them.

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