Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 2010 Game Night

Last night we had our monthly club game night. I played in a great age of sale game hosted by Andre Kruppa. This used 'Clear for Action' rules which uses an interesting system of two networked computers. After orders and maneuvers for each move are plotted, the computers track ship movements in a graphical display which is then used to move the models on the game table. Similarly combat is also tracked and moderated through the computer. I have to say it makes what can be a very complex period to game, quite simple and enjoyable while still providing the detail necessary to make the period what it is.

The other two games were a 6mm WWII land battle, "Bloody Buron" (Normandy: June 7, 1944) using Blitzkreig Commander rules hosted by Jerry Corey and a WWII air-to-air combat game "Adlertag" (Eagle Day) - based on the Battle of Britain (70th Anniversary) using Warbirds in Miniature  and 1/144th Scale models hosted by Phil Hammond. More photos can be found on our club's photo gallery.

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Galpy said...

the lookslikea heck of a lot of fun