Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Australian Infantry Platoon (2)

This is a second Australian infantry platoon for my Aussie North Africa armies. This one doesn't have to do double duty as a motor platoon for my Crusader tanks in mid-war so I was able to outfit these chaps almost exclusively in the snappy Australian bush hats. The platoon is made up mostly from the Battlefront Anzac infantry blister with a few figures tossed in from the Sting of the Scorpion box set (the guys with the head cloths) for flair.

We've been out of power for the past four days due to the freak Halloween heavy snowstorm here in New Hampshire. These were painted on generator power with a single extension cord running the width of my house to power the one light on my painting table. Surprising the lack of light didn't hurt the quality of the paint job - these guys are my normal shoddy workmanship!

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Beccas said...

The Aussies look really good AJ. Well done.