Monday, November 7, 2011

Carnage 14 AAR

This past weekend was Carnage 14 and the Centuries of Conflict themed games that I help the Carnage staff with as coordinator. This year's theme was 19th century and we had many great theme games. Pictured to the left was the Pour le Merite (best of show) winner, Byron Champlin's Indian Mutiny game using Brother against brother rules. Another Brother against Brother game won the Pour Encourager les Autres award for most inspiring game. The winner was Ralph Gero's "Battle of Gitschin" game from the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. This is a conflict that is not often gamed and Ralph's game was enjoyable and beautiful both in the terrain and figures used. Photos below are of Ralph's game and of Ralph and Byron receiving their awards. Not photographed was Andre Kruppa receiving the Admiral Byng (best naval game) award for his computer-moderated naval game which featured Beautiful ship models.

I ran my Cedar Mountain scenario. This was the same scenario I ran at Huzzah! earlier this spring. Although the game was the same, the outcome was completely different. At Huzzah! the Union successfully held off the Confederate attacks and won the day. At Carnage the Confederates initially faltered in their frontal assault, but a flanking force from Cedar mountain eventually overwhelmed the Union left flank winning the day for the Confederacy.

There were many other GREAT games. I've posted the remainder of my photos in our club's photo gallery. If you're interested in running a game next year for Centuries of Conflict at Carnage our theme century is the 20th century. Bring out your World War I, II, Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil war, colonials and anything else 20th century. We have great awards for the best games and thank you gifts for all theme game masters.

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Allways great to see some really nice looking games going on.