Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Macedonia Prodromoi Cavalry

This is a unit of light cavalry armed with sword and light spear (or could be lance if you like) that I purchased off of Ebay from Dynasty Group Miniatures. You can probably find this unit for sale by them by searching Ebay for the keyword 'AHe11' which is their stock number for this unit. Like the unit I posted yesterday, I would give the painting a solid 7 on the GAJO rating scale. Also like the Thessalian unit I posted earlier this unit came with lead spears that were bent and a couple were knocked out of the hands in shipping.

All of the light spears were replaced with homemade piano-wire replacements that were glued in and painted. The hands were touched up but this was considerably easier on this unit as there is a considerable amount less exposed skin on these figures. These figures are definitely Macedonian Successor with the characteristic headgear. For light cavalry I am slightly put off that they wear a 'royal' violet cloak, but not so put off that I'm willing to re-paint them! I'll be using these as citizen cavalry in my Seleucid army.


DeanM said...

Nice purchases - and drive by blogging is cool! Best, Dean

Galpy said...

looks like you've been doing quite q bit of ebay buying. some nice purchases to and i look your fow great job.