Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thessalian Cavalry

This is a unit of light cavalry armed with light spear (or could be lance if you like) that I purchased off of Ebay from Dynasty Group Miniatures. You can probably find this unit for sale by them by searching Ebay for the keyword 'AHe14' which is their stock number for this unit. I'll give the painting a solid 7 on the GAJO rating scale.

I do have one gripe, the spears that were included were spindly lead cast weapons. Several of them had already fallen off and one had broken in shipping. The rest were all bent up and pathetic looking. Luckily they all came out of the hands, which were drilled to accept them and were easily replaced with piano wire spears that I made myself. I had to paint the spears and touch up the hands which ended up requiring some touch up the arms and legs to match the hands. I was unable to mix a matching color that I was happy with so in the end a re-paint of parts of the exposed skin was the easiest solution. Even considering the problem with the lead weapons I think this unit was a good value considering the quality of the painting and basing.

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