Sunday, March 11, 2012

FOW V3 'Shake Out' Game

Gordon's friend Russ is a FOW V2 veteran and will be helping Gordon run an upcoming FOW tournament at the Huzzah! convention. Gordon asked that I give Russ a game for him to get tuned into the new V3 rule changes. I could also use the help learning the new V3 changes so I was very excited to play a game with Russ with learning the V3 rules as the primary goal.

To keep things simple we played a 1000-point game. Russ pushed Gordon's Italian infantry horde with some AT guns, artillery, mortars, a platoon of M13/40 tanks and a huge infantry platoon with integral heavy weapons. I pushed my Aussie Commonwealth Infantry with two small platoons of Captured Italian tanks (mixed 11/39s and 13/40s) mortars and OQF 18/25 artillery battery.

Russ placed both his artillery and AT  guns on one flank so I chose to press the other with my two small tank platoons. Russ countered with his tanks, but with help from my artillery I was able to kill the tanks and press the flank with repeated assaults on Russ' infantry with my tanks. All in all the game was a success. We got a good handle on how warrior and independent teams work when selected as targets for shooting, and also were able to get a solid grip in the air and new assault rules. Russ, Gordon and I are hoping we can get Russ a few more tune-up games before Huzzah! Possibly next time I'll push my Blitzkrieg Germans so Russ can see another nationality as an opponent.

Saturday was 'bring out your dead lead' day at Adler. Everyone brings their unwanted lead and we had a good swap meet. I was able to get rid of a few things allowing me to buy some new stuff I'm excited about painting up. The swap meet means we had a full house with the other table playing a late-war game of Germans against Americans. The left photo below is Russ and Don discussing some of the new V3 rules. Below right is Russ and Scott (right) with Scott's friend playing their late war game.


Ian said...

I see you have FoG on the brain (no bad thing as I also really like the rules) but I think this one should be titled FOW. Really liked the report though. Not played FOW but see a few games played


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Good catch Ian. Thanks. I've fixed the text.