Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WIP Aufklärungs Platoon

This is a late war Aufklärungs (motorcycle reconnaissance) platoon that will be the first new platoon for my late war German tank company. I don't usually post work-in-progress (WIP) posts, but this platoon has been taking me a lot longer than a normal platoon, and I wanted to post a progress report for some of my friends who have been helping me with historical information about the cycles and uniforms.

The advice I received on the Flames of War forums was to paint the cycles in the same scheme as the majority of the tanks in my tank company, which is how I settled on the primary colors. I painted them on with my airbrush then filled in the details like I normally would on any figures. These will get a black wash after the crews (all 39 of them!) are added. I'm anticipating the wash will bring a lot more of the detail out of the cycles.

Sorry for the shoddy photos, I took these off my dirty workbench using my painting light. I'm five (5) evenings into this project so far. I'm figuring another 2-3 evenings to paint the crews and 1-2 evenings for basing. I was hoping to get these done for this weekend, but at this point I'm less than optimistic that I'll be able to achieve that lofty goal.


DeanM said...

Nice work & skillful use of the airbrush. They look like larger 1:35 models. Best, Dean

Ray Rousell said...

Now I like the look of them, top painting Sir!!!

Anonymous said...

Superply done AJ.