Friday, March 16, 2012

General Dietrich Von Sauken

General Dietrich Von Sauken is they only hero in Flames of War available to a German Panzerkompanie from the Grey Wolf army book. In our league we're going to be playing at several point totals and it's quite probably that with at least one of those being able to spend a mere 65 points on a hero might just be the thing that makes a list work out. Plus Von Sauken comes in a pretty neat SdKfz 250 halftrack and has some useful advantages.

As a dismounted stand Von Sauken is a higher level command SMG infantry stand. To distinguish him from average run of the mill infantry I've modeled him in a ruined section of house. The terrain piece is sold by Sentinel Miniature Painting Service. The SMG figure,  commander, half track and table are part of the General Rommel blister pack from Battlefront. Since Von Sauken also rides an SdKfz 250 I didn't think Rommel would mind. The radio version of the vehicle just seems 'right' for a general visiting a panzer company. Somehow when I un-packed the blister I lost the top of the antenna array, so I scratch built a replacement from piano wire. I think it came out ok.

This is the last of the vehicles from the last airbrush session. Next up on the table are the dismounts for both of my motorcycle recon platoons. After that I fire up the airbrush and try my hand at doing three-color cammo patterns on actual tanks: Stugs, Wirbelwinds and even a few Tigers. Wish me luck!

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The Kiwi said...

Looks good. Warriors are a lot of fun to add to lists and I have never found them to be game breakers.