Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 Game Night

Last Friday was our club's monthly game night for May. For a holiday weekend we had a very good turn out. Three games were run, and all had plenty of players or were full. I played in my friend Ed's Thirty Years War game. This is a game he's been working on for a while and has written the rule set for himself. He calls it a 'battle management' game. The main mechanism revolves around pulling units out of the main line of combat when they become worn to replace them with fresh units. Managing the rest and recuperation of your worn units and keeping a proper reserve are keys to success.

My opponent Phil (below taking a photo) played well and had good dice. Over the course of the game I went from having a superior force to hanging on by my finger nails. Ed called time just before things got ugly.

Other games were a Column, Line & Square Napoleonics game run by my friend Pete S. (left) and my friend Mark D. ran his Falklands war game (right) that I play tested last week. From what I hear our suggested changes from the play test made a big difference and game was very good.

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Phil Hammond said...

AJ down plays how much he had me by the short hairs.
Where it not for the turn of a friendly card, he'd have run down my flank like a school boy heading out the door on the final bell at summer break.
That and he got some truly sucky dice when I needed it the most. Good game!