Tuesday, May 28, 2013

28mm Numidian Skirmishers

This is my promised 'Numidian Horde' that was mentioned earlier. These are Old Glory figures, which come 30 to a pack. I only 'needed' a single eight stand battle group (16 figures) but since there are 30 in a pack, I painted 30. This is 28 of them in two battle groups: a six-stand group and an eight-stand group. The last two figures (not shown) will be runners for some Elephants that will be painted later.

These were an experiment in Army Painter 'dip' speed painting. Not including cleaning and assembly and basing these 30 figures were painted in two sessions that were about 3 hours each. I know this because they were painted entirely while listening to game 3 and 4 of the Bruins/Rangers playoff games. I skipped doing my normal 4-step eye painting on these and opted just for eyebrows and letting Army Painter do the rest. The shields are mostly home made on my laser and hand painted decoration. With cleaning and basing the 30 figures took a total of 9 hours, or 18 minutes a figure, bag to table top.

Next up a unit of veteran Libyan spear men for my Carthaginian army.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Very nice and quite speedy!

adeptgamer said...

Again, more excellent models. Just fantastic and even more the shields really pop out at me. I know they are simple but that design is strong :)

PanzerKaput said...

Lovely painted figures there and those shilds set them off

DeanM said...

Impressive work Allan. They came out great in record time; the wonderful basing really adding to them too. Dean

The Kiwi said...

Speedy work. They look good.

Phil said...

Very nice looking skirmishers!