Thursday, May 2, 2013

2nd Punic War Campaign Moves Spawn the Battle of Locsium

Monday evening Charlie, Mike and I got together to do the board game moves to generate the next battle for our ongoing Second Punic War campaign. Although Scipio Africanus arrived onto the scene recently he spent most of his time doing some much needed housekeeping in mainland Italy. By the time he got to Africa, Hannibal jumped Marcellus' army in Locsium, Western Numidia.  Marcellus is fresh off of a victory against Hannibal in Thevestis. One more victory and we might be calling him Marcellus Africanus.

In addition to each of their full 800-point Field of Glory armies each commander drew from locally controlled provinces additional forces. Hannibal drew on Carthaginian locals to raise a unit of Elephants and a unit of heavy cavalry. Marcellus raised three units of Numidian skirmishers and a unit of Numidian cavalry from the provinces of Eastern and Western Numidia. This should be another large game. We hope to settle it early in June after the Huzzah! convention, May club game night and a couple other games previously scheduled. When it comes to gaming we're currently experiencing an embarrassment of riches.

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