Monday, May 6, 2013

Carthaginian Chariots

When Mike thought of doing an earlier campaign in Italy and the Mediterranean he originally thought of doing the Italian wars prior to the first Punic War. During the discussion of this I purchased these figures to use with my existing army to start an early Carthaginian army. Later in the discussion we brought in additional players and a First Punic War campaign fit the lead we all had better. Still I had these figures and they were partially painted, so they'll be part of the campaign representing the last gasping breath of chariot warfare in Carthage.....i.e. I bought them and painted them so we're using them! They'll replace one of my elephant battle groups in my army.

These figures are from SHQ Miniatures. I think they'll match up favorably to the Old Glory figures in the rest of my army just fine. I'm counting these as 32 figures in my 28mm painting tally: 16 horses + 12 crewmen + 4 chariots. I'm definitely not of sound enough mental fortitude to paint an entire chariot army. This one battle group almost broke my will. Too much painting for a semi-effective combat unit in my opinion.

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PanzerKaput said...

Very nicely done there AJ and that blue really sets them off