Saturday, May 18, 2013

Falklands War Play Test

Last night we got together to help my friend Mark D. play test a Falklands War game he's planning to run next week at our club's monthly game night. Mark is able to use a meeting room at his work evenings and I must say it's one of the nicest gaming spaces I've played in: well lit, plenty of room and comfy leather chairs!

Mark's terrain is very nice and I spend the evening picking his brain about his techniques, including his homemade hex terrain that's very much like Geo-Hex.

Below left you can see the board layout and game in progress as I arrived late. Below right, the Argentinian commanders, Charlie, Dave (aka Olaf) and Ralph.

The scenario calls for the British to attack an entrenched Argentinian hillside from two angles: frontally and with a small flank force. Arriving late I got the reinforcements, including the flanking force. Waiting for me on the flank was a Panhard AML armored car. My squad ambushed it and fired it's one and only LAW rocket at it but missed horribly. Between a mountain of angry Argentinians and an armored car (proverbial rock and a hard place) I decided a close assault of the armored car was my best option. The outcome is shown below:

Fortunately for me my last squad member was able to get a grenade to detonate in a way that disabled the car's gunnery systems....then he ran for the beaches. The rest of the game I spent cautiously advancing my other squad from reserve, but they didn't see much action before we called it for the night. It was a very enjoyable evening with friends and I hope Mark got the constructive input he needed to fine tune his game. 


DeanM said...

Great looking game of a rather under-gamed scenario. BTW, there's a TMPer who actually served in the Argentine military during the war - TMP handle Tango1. Best, Dean

PanzerKaput said...

Great game there and great looking scenery and troops. Oh lovely chairs to play in too