Sunday, May 26, 2013

Luftwaffe 1946 - WWII Air to Air Gaming at Adler Hobby

Saturday I took a trip to Adler Hobby. Since my surgery I haven't been able to get down to Adler as much as I like. Things at work have made weeknight visits to Adler very difficult for me and Saturday visits haven't worked out in a while. This past Saturday things finally 'clicked' for a visit.

My friend Russ hosted a small play test of some rules he's working up a game for: Luftwaffe 1946. The premise of the game is an alternate history that allows the German air force to extend world war II. I'm not necessarily interested in the Alternate history, but the rules work very well for all historically-accurate air to air combat as well.

For our play test Russ tried three Me109s versus two P-38 Lightnings. Gordon and I were the USA, and Russ and Denise were the Germans. Denise got in early and shot down Gordon while I was tailing her and pumping her 109 with .50 cal rounds from my Lightning. A little too late I got revenge and put her 109 into the canopy. Meanwhile Russ was swinging around for another pass at me, but he dove a bunch to gain speed, while I climbed. Eventually I was able to make the altitude gap unsurpassable and get away from the two 109s. All the while I was thinking continuing to turn fight TWO more maneuverable opponents in a Lightning wasn't wise.

I like these rules. They give just enough detail without any brain-hurting over complex mechanics. You can have everything you need to know on one sheet of paper - big type. Soon Russ and I will work out some dedicated flight stands for his 1/300 models that I will make on my laser in acrylic.

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John Lambshead said...

I look forward to seeing these rules.