Monday, May 20, 2013

28mm 'German' Austrian Napoleonic Fusiliers (2)

Another unit of Napoleonic German Austrian Fusiliers. These also were purchased from ppsbay and re-based for Napoleon's Rules of War. Both of these came painted with the grey regimental facings, collars and cuffs shown on the right-hand unit. I left this one with grey facings to match one of the other battalions that I have allowing these two to form a regiment. There's a chance in the future I may get another and re-paint it's facings green to match the other battalion I re-painted the facings on.


BigLee said...

Lovely work and really characterful figures. I wish I could paint like that!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Lee, I must confess. I wish I could paint like that too. These are ebay purchases.

Vulcanologist said...

Ah...was going to say your painting was great but then I read your last comment! Haha...never mind...they still look great!