Friday, September 21, 2007

American 'Minuteman' Militia

With the summer winding down, wargaming season is just starting to get into full gear. Although my wargaming club games all year long, with my other hobby being flying R/C airplanes, my primary season for painting figures and gaming is fall-spring. Coming up over the next six weeks I'm going to be hosting a Monmouth Courthouse game at our club game day in October and the battle of Freeman's Farm at Carnage 10 in November. With both of those games to motivate me, who knows? I might actually get the unit of British line I have on my painting table finished up and posted here instead of posting more of my previously-completed units!

These stands are a couple of my American militia 'minutemen'. Living only an hour from the Concord and Lexington battlefield (Battle Road National Park) painting American militia is somewhat of a religion. These stands have that 'just run out of the house with what you had on' look to them. A small note about my face painting technique. In the close-up photos it looks quite overdone, almost cartoon-like, but on the tabletop the exagerated colorings really bring out the facial detail when the figured are viewed at arm's length. I have between 15 and 20 of stands such as these who pose as any or all American militia as needed. I will probably only post a few of them as they mostly have a similar style to them.