Sunday, August 30, 2020

28mm Macedonian Thureophoroi Ready to Base

I have been slowly working back into 'the groove' painting. I've also re-engated with my stream painting on my old schedule of Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sundays late morning to early afternoon. I'm still without a full studio and my laser cutter/engraver is still offline awaiting proper infrastructure in the form of power and exhaust system.  My preferred method is to complete a unit, base it then photograph it for this blog. For the near future, that process will be not adhered to. Completed figures are going to pile up for a bit until I can set up my full studio. 

These figures will eventually make up four units of Macedonian Thureophoroi for Hannibal at the Gates. They will be used along side my previously finished Thorakatai, based similarly in a HATG soldier wing. The photo above in the box probably gives the best color representation. Below are some additional photos. In addition to my basing materials being hidden away among various moving boxes, so is my photography set up.

I've also made some additional progress on repairing and touching up over 130 Macedonian pike that I purchased from Ebay. I still have to put decals on the silver shield figures, then they'll be ready to re-base.