Thursday, March 14, 2019

X-Wing 2.0 - Part Deux

Earl, Mike, Rob, Ralph and I got together last Friday at Ralph's to play another round of X-wing 2.0. Earl came to kibitz and took some of these photos so I could be in them (in blue). Thanks Earl!

I played my game against Mike's scum swarm for game one. Mike out-flew me early and bumped my list relentlessly, which was great for him, less so for me. My B-wings weathered the storm and took out some of his lighter swarm ships - mostly Z-95 headhunters. I was impressed by the scum Kihraxz fighter and what a horde of Z-95s can do. In the end the durability of the B-wings served me well.

My second game was against Ralph and his Tie swarm comprised of pairs of tie fighters bracketing a tie advanced. Six ships in all. I chose to grop my B-wings and Y-wing and flank with my X-wing. Ralph sent one group against my flanker and the one against the B-wing group. I quickly swung my X-wing left to rendezvous with the main force, not wanting to offer a 1 vs 3 to Ralph's right squadron. This kept them out of the fight for a couple of turns - long enough for my B-wings and Y-wing to gang up on his other three ships. Luck was with me on this game with the B-wings hitting hard with target lock re-rolls and getting very lucky on their single-die evade rolls.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

NROW Play Test at Charlie's

Last Friday we got together to play another game of Napoleon's Rules of War at Charlie's place. On the menu a test with French against Spanish and British as a change of pace over the Austrians that have been facing off against the French in recent play tests. New rules to try were cavalry react and counter-charge. The former needs a few tweaks, but the latter seemed spot on and worked nicely.

Having been French a lot lately the random draw chose French for me again. I partnered up with Rob, Ralph and Earl. Opposite us were Bob, Robert and Mark. I took up the attack on the right side. My attack went reasonably well in the center, but on the right Mark's counter-charging cavalry sent my infantry running to the rear in droves. When we stopped the battle was still in question, but the French had made significant progress against the Allied center with the guard about to go in for an attempt on a coup-de-gras attack.

Photos for your enjoyment, and a video at the bottom: