Sunday, April 30, 2023

Roman Re-Basing Project

I recently purchased the figures shown to the left from several Ebay auctions from a single seller. I was looking for a quick start on a Roman army for Saga and Clash of Spears. These figures were well loved, but arrived in good condition, although I wanted to re-base them on circular 25mm bases to be consistent with my other Saga and Clash of Spears figures. Due to transit damage and just normal wear-and-tear, nearly all of the figures had some touch-ups needed to bring them back up to snuff for tabletop use.

First up I tackled the allies. This unit of six Samnite figures also required I hand-paint one shield which was missing, lost in transit I believe. This is a unit for Clash of Spears, or a partial unit for Saga to be combined with figures in the below two units as 'warriors' in eight-figure units.
A second unit of allies, these are Italiotes, Etruscians, Campagnians, etc. A single unit of Warriors for Saga, or a large unit for Clash of Spears.

This unit, a mix of 'allied legion' Italiotes. A full unit for Clash of Spears, combined with Samanites above to complete a unit of eight warriors for Saga.
A unit of Triarii with white shields. Just under two units of hearthguards for Saga, or a large unit for Clash of Spears.
A group of red-shielded Triarii. This would make two and a half hearthguard units in Saga or likely two units in Clash of Spears.

The two mounted figures in this photo I've posted earlier. The four stands of foot officers can be used as warlord figures for Saga or officer figures for Clash of Spears. Clash uses single figures for officers, but the multi-figure bases take the guesswork out of knowing which is the officer and look better in my opinion. For game purposes each base will count as a single figure.
These were thrown in for free in the deal. They look more like Macedonians than Roman allies. Let's call them captured soldiers from Pyrrhus' army pressed into Roman service. They might serve as stand-ins for more Velites or even as filler for an allied legion unit.
Two very lonely Velites. I'll paint up some more from my unpainted lead collection to flesh this unit out.

The bulk of the Hastati and Principes, 15 with white tunics and red shields, 12 with red tunics and red shields, an officer, musician and an odd Triarii that got missed in the lot above. 

Here's a group shot of the above as well as previously posted ancient units for Saga.

Group shot of the bulk of the Roman infantry and officers. 

Project totals: 87 figures re-based, 87 28mm painted figures purchased.