Saturday, April 28, 2007

British and Hessian Generals

These British commanders were painted at the same time as the Americans. Figures are also Old Glory with the exception of the Hessian general, who I believe is Front Rank from their Seven Years War line. Originally I was going to paint the figure on the right as a French officer, but then I thought he'd make a great 'Gentleman' Johhny Burgoyne. Now that he's painted up I think he looks the part.

These figures are mounted for Volley & Bayonet (V&B) as are all my AWI figures. Each stand has a slot in the back edge to hold a roster tag or name tag for the unit or officer. V&B uses a roster system, and our club prefers the small unit tags to separate paper rosters. With these figures done, next on the painting table is another unit of British line infantry, probably the 33rd foot.

American Generals

I needed to add some American and British commanders to my AWI collection. These are the Americans fresh off the painting table. The two-figure stand contains the obligitory George Washington figure with an ADC in Continental uniform. Center is Benedict Arnold and to the right is a generic brigadeer.

The George Washington and Benedict Arnold figures were free giveaways two years running at Historicon, but I'm assuming from the castings that they were made for HMGS by Old Glory. The other two figures are old glory. My technique is block painting with some highlights followed by a wash. The digital camera doesn't do the wash justice. For some reason the digital camera makes the wash look a lot darker then it actually is.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Big Napoleonic Campaign Game In Progress

This is a photo from a large Volley & Bayonet game we're in the middle of playing for a Napoleonic campaign that's being run by one of our club members. The command structure is stylized to facilitate the campaign. There are between 150 and 200 stands of figures on the table representing forces from four players/countries. My Russian figures comprise about 25% of the figures on the table. This is a BIG game.

For a lot more photos of this game, see the campaign game gallery over at the Nothern Conspiracy's Website.


I was completely inspired by Giles Allison's Tarleton's Quarter AWI Wargaming Blog and I thought, 'hey, I could do that' so here it is. Giles' blog has re-inspired me to continue adding to, and logging my AWI and other figure collections. So look here for more of that soon, as well as anything else interesting that's happening in my wargaming world.

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