Sunday, October 20, 2013

HUGE 28mm Napoleonics Game

This past Saturday our club got together to play a HUGE Napoleonic game using my friend Charlie's home brew rules "Napoleon's Rules of War". The game was a fictitious hypothetical invasion of mainland England in 1815 by Napoleon with Britain receiving help from Austria in defense....or how to use everyone's troops in one game.

Charlie painted about half of the troops you see here in the past couple years. The remainder were from the collections of 4 or 5 other members, including myself, painted up and based for Charlie's rules and for Volley & Bayonet wing scale. The above photo shows three tables, each representing interconnected portions of the battlefield. Transfer to and from the boards and victory conditions revolved around a cleaver system Charlie created for the game. This system was great fun, worked wonderfully and really added to the game. All of the photos below except the bottom right were from my table, where my Austrians attempted to press a weaker French force run by my opponents Randy (left) and Robert (right). Both played masterfully, and Robert's redeployment of their batteries really gave us fits. As time was called we were doing well, but their delaying tactics allowed their French brethren on the main table to press the attack with superior numbers assuring a minor French victory for the day.

There was so much to see the only way I could think to convey the scale of the battle was to take a panoramic video of the tables early in the day. It can be viewed below.

Another Shameless Plug

I'm selling off a Field of Glory Renaissance rule book and 3 army list books on Ebay here:

I just won't get to painting the armies for a long time considering my current progress and plans for ancient armies.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10mm Modern Buildings

Apologies to my readers that follow this blog for the historical gaming content. These are two 10mm modern buildings that I designed and built using the assistance of my laser engraver. They could be used for modern era historical gaming, but as you can see by the drop ship in the photos that I'm using for scale, my intention for these is for science fiction gaming for the game Dropzone Commander.

The large blue tower is modeled loosely after Boston's John Hancock tower (although mine is significantly shorter) and the left one is a residential apartment building. Both will later be adorned with vegetation to emulate an abandoned city.

28mm 'German' Austrian Napoleonic Fusiliers - Green Regiment

Another unit of Napoleonic German Austrian Fusiliers again purchased from ppsbay_com and re-based for Napoleon's Rules of War. This unit came painted with the grey regimental facings, collars and cuffs which I re-painted to match green the regimental color of the righ-hand unit that I purchased and re-painted earlier that was shown in this previous blog post.

I think this completes my line regiments for now for my Austrians. All I have left are items that I plan to paint myself: Grenzers, Artillery, Officers and one unit of Hussars.