Thursday, June 11, 2015

White Legion Command & More Numidian Re-Basing

This is a very small update. This stand is my white legion command stand made up of my previously posted Vorenus figure from Warlord Games with an extra Old Glory velite as a messenger. All that remains for foot figures for the white legion are the principes. Unfortunately they're behind some Carthaginian's on the painting table.

These are the last of my Numidian skirmishers, re-based for Marathon to Marius. I still have some cavalry that COULD be re-based, but these are the last of the infantry that NEEDED to be re-based.

Sorry for the high contrast photos. I waited for several days for a good overcast day for photography but all we have had lately is pouring rain or bright sun. Given the choice I'll take the latter, but neither makes for good macro photographs.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Carthage vs. Rome - Marathon to Marius Game

Last Friday we got together to play another game of Marathon to Marius. This game featured two classic 2nd Punic War opponents with historical orders of battle, as opposed to the more 'competitive' campaign armies we've been using in our recent campaign. The goal - test some rule changes that Ralph has recently made to the rules regarding battle line mechanics.

The game went well, and the new changes were well received. The battle was a significant victory for the Romans, who decimated the Carthaginian Gual and Spanish wings. The Gauls dished out some damage, but not equal to what they received. Ditto for the Spanish scutarii. The elephants and Numidian cavalry on my flank did well, but not well enough to pull enough pressure off of the Spanish. The Romans out played the Carthaginians on this one.