Thursday, February 21, 2019

X-Wing 2.0 First Games

Last Friday five of us got together to try out Star Wars X-Wing 2.0. It was a fun game with a lot to learn and many mistakes to make. There were dice thrown, asteroids crashed into an much mayhem. I ran a Rebel list with two B-wings, an X-wing and a Y-wing with an ion cannon turret. Not a lot of bells and whistles, but with four ships, two of which were B-wings with hull upgrade, I had a lot of health to lose. The list worked well and was durable although I need to learn not to crash my X-wings on asteroids when they have 1 hull remaining....doh!

Photos below of the fun had by all.

My homage to Thrawn and his X-wing videos on Youtube:

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Northern Conspiracy February 2019 Game Night

Last Friday the club got together for it's February game night. I played in Ralph's 30 Years War Nexus game which I play tested previously. I chose to be on the opposite side to see how the other half lived.

This was a great game and went down to the wire ending up in virtually a draw. The Spanish tercios are juggernauts as they should be and the Imperialists played them very well. Our plan to hold in the center and win on the flanks, eventually started to work, but a touch late as the Spanish tercios mostly had their way with our new model pike blocks. Lucky for us Bob and Mark brought their flanks into order just in time. Fun game and the rules seem to be coming along nicely.

Phil ran a well attended and raucous WWII air-to-air game which everyone seemed to have fun playing.

Ed M. and Kevin had a couple of jousts using Ed's jousting rules.

A big thanks to all three game hosts.