Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Battle of Gloucester Point, October 17th, 1781 (2)

This past weekend I hosted another session of my Gloucester Point battle at the Carnage convention. This was a well played battle by both sides with the British suffering heavily due to good Franco-American musketry (dice) and tactics. Although the British did a good job of exhausting the smaller American and French commands, in the end the British ran out of steam with the largest American brigade still untouched by bayonet or musket ball.

Below on the left the capable British commanders, and on the right the victorious American and French players.

I was thrilled to see how easily all of the players were able to pick up the Volley & Bayonet rules, even with all of the wing scale additions. By the 3rd turn both sides were running their own maneuvers and combat will little input from me as GM.

I didn't shoot a lot of photos, but I was able to snap one of each of the other games hosted during the Saturday morning session by other members of the Northern Conspiracy. Left is Byron's Wandiwash game using V&B in 15mm, right is Ed's 6mm 30 years war game and below center is Charlie's 28mm Napoleonic game.