Friday, November 20, 2015

NROW Play Test #2 in Charlie's New Gaming Loft

This update is a bit overdue. I've been swamped preparing for the American Thanksgiving holiday. The weekend BEFORE last my friend Charlie invited a bunch of his friends, myself included, for another play test of his Napoleonic rules, Napoleon's Rules of War. Charlie's recent adjustments proved to be a good improvement of an already solid set of rules. Game play was faster and therefore we got through more turns and more closely approached a conclusion.  The scenario was a meeting engagement between French and a combined Anglo-Spanish force.  Both sides managed local numeric superiority, attacking in columns while defending in line elsewhere. On my flank I faced my uncle, each of us possessing only two of the three combined arms. On my side infantry and cavalry, on his infantry and artillery. 
My cavalry was able to provide Ralph with some concern on his flank, but his artillery I believe did one better, causing consistent casualties over time. This was a fun cat-and-mouse game for both of us, although only because we were on the end of the line. In the middle where all combined arms were available, local superiority of one asset also played a significant role. All in all a fun game. I look forward to the next one.