Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Technical Difficulties - Please Stand By

I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently. I've been alternatively, sick, on vacation then sick again. I'm finally on the mend and should be back to painting and gaming soon.

Not dead yet, I've been getting better......

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Force Is Strong With This One

Last game night Ralph ran a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures game. Our club doesn't play a lot of Science Fiction, but who can resist pre-painted Star Wars miniatures that also have a fun rule set to play with? Not me, that's for sure.

Recently I've saved up a bit of 'mad money' income from my side-business selling R/C glider kits that I design and make. With the strong temptation of pre-painted miniatures, I hit up a couple large lots on Ebay and augmented that with a few singles auctions to fill out the lot. Above is my Rebel collection: 4 A-wing wings, 4 B-wings, 2 E-wings, 3 T65 X-wings, 4 T-70 X-wings, 2 Y-wings, 2 T-95s, one YT-1200, one YT-2400 and one Arc-170.

 For the Empire, I have 8 Tie fighters, 2 Tie/FOs, 2 Tie interceptors, aTie Defender, a Tie advanced, a Tie Adv. Prototype, a Tie bomber, a Tie Striker and a Tie punisher.

Since we're playing for fun locally and not doing any 'official' tournaments, I was able to pick up many of these ships cheaply because they came without the upgrade cards that were originally packaged with them. For casual play I can use proxy prints of the cards. I doubt I'll ever play in any tournaments, so no worries on that.