Monday, March 14, 2016

Carthaginian Medium Infantry

These are two units of Carthaginian medium infantry, made up of some left-over figures from my dead lead box. They are based up as peltasts or other such medium infantry. In Hanibal at the Gates, these will most likely be used as soldiers, but could also be pressed into service as rankers. These two units are meant to flank my red Carthaginian hoplite phalanx, one stand of which I recently posted in this post. It's the right unit in the blog post.

The figures are Old Glory. The rear figures from their medium Carthaginian infantry pack and the front skirmishing figures from their Italian medium infantry pack. The latter were selected based on their helmets, two of which were modified by removing the plumes. The shields are a mix of what comes with each bag of figures as well as some characteristic Carthaginian bronze shields from my bits box. Next up on the painting table are two stands of Roman principes to complete my white legion.

More Ancients Re-Basing

I'm continuing to re-base my 28mm ancients from DBA/FOG to the dedicated basing of Hanibal at the Gates. These are five more stands re-based.

The first unit is my Campanian hoplites. These were originally painted in January, 2014. Now re-based they represent three hoplite stands in HATG. The right-most base includes three figures painted last month to make the number of figures per stand work.

The final two stands of Numidian infantry include a musician, painted back in January but never photographed. Re-basing from three to five figures per stand allows these two stands to be used as peltasts or medium infantry - soldiers or rankers in HATG terms.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Northern Conspiracy Game Night - March 2016

Last Friday our club got together for our monthly game night. Of the three games offered, I chose to play in Ed's British Colonial game using his home-brew rules based loosely on Gaslight and Sword and the Flame. Ed calls them Gasflame. 
Ed organizes his games to a very high level. Each command arrives in it's own box and each unit has a card with unit statistics, firing factors and a photo of the figures. Hard to get confused with play aids like that!

On the native side was Don, Paul and myself. For the British, Mike, Dave and Ralph. The scenario called for the capturing of a central hill. With wild men armed mostly with swords and spears, the native plan was pretty simple - CHARGE!

The British did a good job of holding us off. Dave obliterated the first native unit that crested the target hill. Ralph did similarly to my first infantry charge on his cavalry. Things settled down a little after that, but over time the British did more damage than the natives, and nobody held the hill. Win for the British empire. The sun will not set on non-British land this day.

The second games was Michael's pirate game, complete with a shipwreck and very nicely painted native islanders. More photos of Mike's game can be seen on his gallery here:

The third game was Dick's 6mm Napoleonic game, with great looking battle lines due to the high number of 6mm figures per unit.