Thursday, September 24, 2015

Northern Conspiracy September 2015 Game Night

Last Friday evening I attended our club's September game night. I played in Charlie's 28mm Napoleon's Rules of War game for the battle of Abensburg - April 20th 1809. I commanded the Bavarian right wing with Randy commanding the Left wing. Opposite us were John and Bob commanding the Austrians.

The scenario had the Austrians defending a hill spanned by two woods trying to protect two roads exiting off their central rear table edge. Randy and I came up with a simple plan, 'Hey diddle diddle, straight up the middle'. We hit the Austrians hard and fast in the center while delaying on our flanks.

The bum rush tactic worked like a charm early, but the Austrians, having central lines, stabilized the situation by stuffing an entire reserve brigade into the center as the first line failed. This worked nicely. In the woods to my right, Bob's Jagers and fresh infantry halted my attack there.

As we called the game it was still up in the air. This game could easily have serviced 8-10 people, so it took the four of us a while to get all our troops in action. Charlie has been continuing to improve his rules. Most of his recent changes were nice improvements. I look forward to the next game.

Other games offered that I didn't play in were Phil's 1941 Pacific WWII air game, and Ed's Skirmish Napoleonic game using his house-modified Brother against Brother rules. Sorry I didn't get more photos of these since I was so busy pushing all that fine Bavarian lead in Charlie's game.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

28mm British WWII Tommies

These are twenty WWII "Tommies" - late war British infantry that I've recently finished painting up. The figures are from West Wind's 'Berlin or Bust' range purchased through Old Glory using my discount card. As such they were quite a good value for the money. The figures are nicely sculpted and seem accurately equipped. The twenty figures will make up two ten-man squads, each with an NCO with an SMG (Thompson or Sten), a Bren gunner and 8 riflemen. Below are close-up photos of all of the figures in each squad.

 I've put white rocks on the base of each Bren gunner and red rocks on the base of each NCO with SMG. This is for easier tabletop identification for those with questionable close-up eyesight.
Here are some close ups of the backs of several of the figures in various kit.