Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Nappie Campaign Started

OK so the blog has been quiet as of late. Early in October my wife and I took a vacation to Orlando, FL to visit the amusement parks and on the flight home I picked up a horrible bug that put me out of commission for another week. Once back on my feet I took to catching up with non-hobby items that built up during the first half of the month.

The past couple of weeks I've been working on a new 1813 Napoleonic campaign that I'll be running for several members of the Northern Conspiracy. The campaign will feature hypothetical map with terrain modelled after Napoleonic Europe and armies built from the Volley & Bayonet Road To Glory rulebook. Each army will have three 4500-point wings. One army will be French, the other will consist of three allied wings: Austrian, Prussian and Russo-Swedish.

We're hoping to get games started by mid November, as soon as the Carnage convention is over. Many of the campaign players are either running games, or participating in the management of the Carnage convention. Look for more updates and game reports from the campaign to be forthcoming soon.

I'm also hoping to post the promised, and well-overdue, photo tour of my gaming room and painting & modelling room as well as hopefully some finished photos of my in-progress Roman Triarii once I complete them. Stay tuned!