Friday, October 3, 2008

Carnage 11 Convention Coming Up!

Our friends in nearby Fairlee Vermont are running their mixed gaming convention, Carnage, for the 11th year this November 7-9 at the Lake Morey Resort. The Northern Conspiracy's own Byron Champlin will again this year be coordinating the Centuries of Conflict event at Carnage. This year's theme will feature wargames from all theaters of warfare during the 19th century and many of the games will be run by fellow Northern Conspirators. There's a lot more information about Carnage and Centuries of Conflict in the Carnage Events Listing PDF.

My game for Centuries of Conflict will be my first 25mm ACW game hosted at a convention using the Brother against Brother skirmish rules. It's going to be a skirmish level game loosely based on the fighting that happened in the Rose Woods and the Wheatfield during the second day of Gettysburg during which Colonel Cross of the 5th NH Volunteers (the 'fighting' 5th) was mortally wounded. Although the numbers of men at the actual battle are not appropriate for a skirmish game, I'm going to stylize the historical event and create my skirmish game using the same terrain. I'm hoping it will be a fun game.