Thursday, July 27, 2023

Three 28mm German SdKfz 251 WWII Halftracks

These three German SdKfz 251 half tracks were 3D printed from free files I was able to find on the Internet. I printed them up on my resin 3D printed and got them painted up in a couple of evenings. The stowage is comprised of additional free STL files I also got on-line (search 'stowage project'). I absolutely didn't need these, but I found the excellent STL files and I'm TRYING to have a personal goal of not 3D printing stuff that I'm not also painting, so here we are.

There are two standard 251 Hannomag troop transports and one 251/9 'Stummel' with the short barreled 75mm gun. Cammo was airbrushed on with the remaining details brush painted and then the whole group was doused in Vallejo's excellent European Dust wash - my new secret weapon. This stuff gives a nice durable 'dirty and dusty' look with very little work.

Three more 28mm vehicles for this year's painting totals. Honestly I'm finding this resin 3D printing to be quite the 'scam'. You can go from liquid to tabletop in a couple evenings in the hobby room.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

28mm Roman Velites

Twelve Roman velites based individually for either Saga age of Hannibal or Clash of Spears. Truthfully the latter was the primary motivation to paint up these figures. I likely have plenty of Velites for Saga having already painted up one unit of twelve figures previously

These are more Old Glory figures pulled from my 'dead lead' collection. Previously purchased for my Roman Hannibal at the Gates army, I had purchased way more than I needed. Luckily for me I held on to them as now I'm happy to have been able to pull them from the pile of shame and get them painted up!

 Where the previous unit was painted using traditional methods, other than the metallic paints, these were painted exclusively with 'contrast' paints - primarily Army Painter SpeedPaints (version 1). I have to say, I'm happy with how they came out and the speed at which I was able to paint them up. Twelve more 28mm figures for this year's painting totals.

Monday, July 24, 2023

'O' Group Tokens

This is a selection of casualty markers for 'O' Group. I 3-D printed these. The design for them is my own, available for free along with all other O-group tokens on my Thingaverse page.

We've recently started playing O-group and are finding it quite enjoyable, so much so that I figured I'd finally paint up these casualty tokens for our next game.

Here they are next to some 15mm figures. I use Flames of War basing since I have a sizeable collection mounted for that system. Thankfully O-group is mostly basing agnostic. 

22 Terrain/Misc created for this year's painting totals. I'm counting these. They were quite laborious to paint!